Stages of educational applications creation





Expertise of ideas

Before implementing an idea, an education software development company conducts a marketing analysis of the idea to take into account the real needs and wishes of the user audience when implementing the project.


Project evaluation and commercial proposal development

The stage involves developers, designers and testers. Together they determine the key positions of the project and the commercial proposal for the development of a mobile application. After its approval, software development services are transferred to implementation.


Creating a prototype of the application

Interface is the main component of a mobile application. When it is built competently, users easily solve their problems, and with pleasure apply your program. After the prototype is created, we present it to the customer for approval. Without this e-learning software development is impossible.


Mobile application design development

At this stage UI and UX designers are connected. The design of screens and graphic elements is drawn. When developing the design must take into account the principles of Google and Apple, so that solutions quickly found their consumers, were convenient and understandable. So you can create excellent custom e-learning solutions.


Terms of reference development

Project details and back-log development are discussed. When the project is approved, the hi-level architecture is developed. We also write the model of data storage, on which the correctness of work depends, and the scheme of building the software part.


Software development and application testing

Programmers create a complete back-log task list and divide it into sprints (stages). After each sprint, we show a part of the application for approval. The finished software part is sent for testing. After the product has been tested for all sorts of errors and the detected lags have been eliminated, the application is prepared for publication. This is an application development.


Publication of the application in Google Play and AppStore

The product description and graphics are pre-created, which fully comply with the rules of cloud stores. 


Technical support of the application

If necessary, you will get ongoing technical support for the application, feedback collection and upgrades.


The company is ready to offer a variety of educational applications to promote your business and monetize your ideas.